Build belonging and foster a workplace culture that supports everybody to make their greatest contribution. Our corporate program uses interactive murals (in-person and virtual) to engage and unify your teams, instill your core values, and grow a leading company of people who love where they are.

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Final Zendesk Mosaicli Mural Transparant

Did you know... A company rated as having a high level of belonging vs. low saves an average of $5,200/employee yearly based on increased retention, better job performance, and less sick days?*

*Based on finding from Harvard Business Review

Mosaicli Murals

We leverage interactive art to strengthen bonds, deliver effective learning experiences, and unify times around a shared vision. Whether you are looking for a one-off engagement campaign or a year-long program, we partner with change leaders, marketing, and communications teams to deliver inspirational programs that build belonging and achieve a measured return on investment.

Greater impact, less time

Whether we're partnering to engage your global team over multiple regional events, or delivering a hybrid strategy that connects associates both on-site and at home, the following program ingredients equip your team to deliver a streamlined engagement strategy with greater impact and in less time.

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We adapt any of our 100 + programs to reflect your cultural norms and further your specific program goals. With as little as 1-week turn-around, we can customize and ship art kits and facilitate a virtual program that feels and sounds like it was made for your team.

Custom Program Design


Engages your leaders in a fun and inspiring activity that sets the creative direction for your companies unique Mosaicli Mural. Afterwards, our team hits the drawing board and designs a Mosaicli Mural that's representative of your vision forward.

Your Mosaicli Mural

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Based on your overall event theme and goals, we etch your core message and assemble (locally) your teams customized creativity kit. Their personal keepsake is a special reminder of a broader campaign and their role within it.

Branded Creativity Kits

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With videos, email templates, and visuals, we help you communicate a compelling story that increases engagement and shows employees what you really stand for. 

Internal Messaging Plan

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For clients who want bring engagement up a notch, we offer various options depending on what fits best with your current culture-building initiatives.

Gamified Rewards

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Use the art you've made to re-instill event outcomes with meaningful swag. Clients have made hats, t-shirts, hoodies, and mugs. Others opt for prints and keep things simple and use their Mural image in their signature or as their desktop background.

Meaningful SWAG

A business meeting

Whether it's onsite or remote, powerful visuals draw folks in and get them interested in what you have to say. We provide you with a media kit that includes 100+ videos and visuals so that you can use Mosaicli as a metaphor to craft your message.

Mosaicli Media Kit


All of our programs provide multiple methods for engagement so that, if you have a main event, people who missed out can still participate. Ongoing engagement opportunities also increases your timeline to reinforce your message over time.

Ongoing Engagement

Learn From Industry Leaders

Our approach has been refined in partnership with companies pushing the edge of employ engagement and belonging at work



"I didn't fully understand the connection between building company culture and doing something creative. I was in a team environment with people in Japan and Brazil and South Africa and, during the process, it clicked to me that this is a way to access a language and way of communication that would transcend culture."

—  Angela Arafelis, Sr. Executive Assistant to CFO

# of participants who recommend us for other teams


# of participants who believe we achieved their event objective


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"People were blown away during their virtual Mosaicli event and I'd recommend them to anybody looking for a vendor who listens well and has a streamlined process that delivers extraordinary results. The virtual mural was one of the highlights of our event."

—  Jully Kim, Zendesk—Chief of staff & sr. director of engineering programs 

Connect your teams
with creativity

"I didn't fully know what to expect but I was blown away by the event. As an event organizer I'm always looking for unique ways to create the best experience for our attendees. With so many things that need to happen to make a conference successful, Mosaicli's contribution was a highlight of our conference—working with them was seamless and required very little extra attention and work on my part."

-Hung Pham, Founder & CEO


"Strengthening team bonds and making new connections are really important elements of our annual Zendesk Tech Summit, the Mosaicli team delivered a superb experience and created a visual representation of how each person's unique contributions plays a role in building our community. We received really positive feedback across regions and working with Mosaicli was an enriching and seamless experience from start to finish"

-Niamh Campbell, Engineering programs, senior events coordinator

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"Mosaicli strikes a perfect balance between meaningful engagement and team-building that's unique and fun. Between small break-outs and contributing to our gWISE Mosaic, Mosaicli really helped our teams connect, celebrate, and set a tone for sustained progress and action as we bring in our next chapter of impact for women in science and engineering."

-Bianca Liederer, program coordinator

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