Grow your culture with                                             virtual events.


Build trust, booste morale, and show teams that big collaborative outcomes can happen anywhere, anytime, across any distance. Create your team's Mosaicli Mural and work together to build the best remote culture, now.

We help global leaders build world-class training programs, deliver virtual off-sites that connect teams across function and culture, and align teams with the vision and values that matter most.


 Why Mosaicli Murals? Because engagement requires creativity and your people need to see how they fit into the bigger picture. While providing an interactive opportunity that invites both introverts and extroverts to participate, Mosaicli programs provide unique opportunities to build your culture, connect your teams, and to show the world who you really are.


3 Mosaicli Mural program components.

Show the world who you really are.

Accountable to their part of the bigger picture, once everyone adds their piece the epiphany strikes, "everyone's unique contribution matters." To reinforce program outcomes, we send participants a video of their virtual Mural being created. Additionally, bring your Mural alive onsite, send employees a print of their collaborative art, or have us conduct interviews that reflect your core company values in employee's own words.

Connect teams cross-culturally.

Inclusive team building programs that engage extroverts and introverts are hard to find. Combined with expert facilitation, Mosaicli Murals engage your teams across backgrounds, experiences, and learning styles. Whether its a 90-minute training or a 3-day retreat, we bring the WOW factor that aligns your teams with purpose and creates equal opportunity for everyone to express themselves.

Inspire participation before the big event.

Zoom fatigue makes people disengaged before they arrive. Whether it's a one-off team building activity, a team offsite, or an on-going opt-in training program, we help you get more people to show up. Once signed up, participants receive a special "gift" before the big event. Their "gift" hints what's to come and contains their unique piece of the Mosaicli Mural.



Commemorate your next in-person experience by turning your virtual mural into an onsite installation.


Instill your mission, vision, and values with testimonials and footage from your virtual Mosaicli Mural experience.


Invite your leadership team into the Mosaicli Mural design process to excite, inspire, and increase buy-in.


Send prints of your one-of-a-kind Mosaicli Mural to regional or work from home offices.

I didn't fully understand the connection between building company culture and doing something creative. I was in a team environment with people in Japan and Brazil and South Africa and, during the process, it clicked to me that this is a way to access a language and way of communication that would transcend culture. 


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