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Mosaicli Activations

Activate Possibility

Connect teams and inspire everyone to create the bigger picture.

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Plan bigger

Like most leaders, you might not have time to plan for an experience that wows participants and inspires bigger picture thinking. And, unless you are a rare company that isn't struggling with isolation, burnout, or turnover, getting people to show up with enthusiasm and curiosity can be a challenge.

Mosaicli ACTivations enable you to deliver a highly customized program unlike anything employees have seen. With varying degrees of customization, we provide templates for onsite and virtual engagement, we ship to remote and WFH locations globally and provide media materials so that internal communications teams can craft a message that improves engagement.

Inspire action

Plans without strategic communication or clear calls to action wastes resources and come off as inauthentic. What's the follow-up? What's the action? How does your initiative progress real changes that matters to employees, managers and c-suite leaders?

Baseline, Mosaicli activations build community, increase belonging, and foster meaningful participant connections. While resources like the Mosaicli ToolKit empower team growth, activations enable an effective communication strategy that inspires engagement and motivates participants to take the next step.

Shape possibility

See Activation examples and imagine what's possible for your teams

Mergers &




Global (remote)



Case Study

Unify global teams

Instill core values and unify teams across 12 regions globally

"What we created was pure magic. Simultaneously across 12 global regions we engaged 900 employees with our values and shared a message unity—no matter where, we're one team working together to achieve an important mission."

Canadian solar is the 3rd largest solar company in the world. To increase their competetive advantage they wanted to unify their global team, uplift diverse perspectives and communicate their core values. After two design meetings we finalized a Mosaic representing core solar technology. We provided online instruction and set-up instructions so that each office, spread over 12 regions and 6 continents, could deliver with ease a meaningful and fun experience for their employees.

Mosaicli shipped portions of the larger Mosaic to countries around the world. After 900 employees compelted their tiles and celebrated their success, they sent photos of their Mosaic to the project media lead in the US who then photoshopped everything together to create the appearance of one large Mosaic


Align new teams

Deliver a hybrid experience that celebrates one chapter and begins another

eBay acquired TCGplayer, a 700 person workforce with the kinda culture leaders dream. In the transition people wonder: What will change? is my job secure? Will our culture stay in tact? What does my future look like here? What's possible?

The eBay/TCGplayer merger Mosaic had a star, representing the north star, the bigger vision, that

will continue to light the way. The dragon was a long awaited dream at TCGplayer.

After shipping 200 kits to home locations, delivering a virtual event, and engaging 500 employees onsite, the Mosaic was complete.



Lead with

"The Mosaicli tool-kit was essential to our "big picture" manager meeting. It developed our managers and supported pivotal conversations that ultimately benefited all of our teams. When we stopped doing the Mosaicli activities, managers asked to bring them back. I highly recommend the Mosaicli tool-kit for any leader who wants to build a stronger team with minimal inputs and planning.

Arthur Bart Williams, Executive Director, GRID Alternatives BA


"Skillfully delivered across 3 regions, the virtual mural was one of the highlights of our event. People were blown away during their virtual Mosaicli event and I'd recommend them to anybody looking for a vendor who listens well and has a streamlined process that delivers."

Jully Kim, Chief of Staff, Zendesk

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"I didn't fully understand the connection between building company culture and doing something creative. I was in a team environment with people in Japan and Brazil and South Africa and, during the process, it clicked to me that this is a way to access a language and way of communication that would transcend culture."

Canadian 18 Anos-08552.jpg

"Mosaicli strikes a unique balance between meaningful engagement and fun team-building. Between small break-outs and contributing to our Mural as a community, we were able to celebrate our successes and set the stage for sustained progress."

Bianca Liederer, principal program manager, Genentech

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"I had an idea of what the experience would be like, but when it happened I was blown away. The Mosaic was easily a highlight of our event."

Hung Pham, Founder Culture Summit

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Shape what's possible

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