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Celebrate Black History Month.

*Muralist @Elizabethpatriciart

Create an interactive Mural.

As part of our "Remembrance in Action" series we've created an opportunity for remote teams to deepen their inclusive values, celebrate Black history month, and show how everyone's contribution fits into the bigger picture.


During a facilitated 60 to 90 minute activity your teams will have an opportunity to create a virtual Mural that presents an actionable vision of what Black history month means to your company. Read the FAQ to learn more about the virtual activity.

If you haven't already taken meaningful steps to further a workplace and a world that supports Black folx, this might not be the place to start (though we might be able to help). Trust is built by many small actions over time and "Remembrance in Action" is about making real the reality that Black History Month, along with each thematic activity in this series, is celebrated and honored with intention throughout the year.

2020_12_03_0gp_Kleki (1).png

"I think like many people of color in corporate America or any workplace sometimes you have to bring only parts of yourself to work, but the 24/7/365 represents me bringing all of myself to all things I do all the time. This year has given me more runway to do that given some platforms I have in the community and at my company."

Charla Batey

Communications Specialist

How it works.

Cox Mural 2.png

Step 1. Customize your event.

During our initial conversation, we'll share how the interactive activity works and learn more about your goals related to Black History Month and building your workplace culture. From there, we'll fine-tune your Mosaicli Mural program in a way that engages, inspires, and unifies your teams cross-culturally. We have both self-directed and facilitated team options to accommodate varying team needs.

Step 2. Deliver meaningful results.

At the end of each session, participants walk away with:

  • Meaningful connections as a result of small group interactions and team bonding.

  • A diverse understanding of what celebration and support can look like in relationship to Black History Month.

  • Actionable takeaways that help to authentically align your company with its inclusive values.

  • A virtual Mosaicli Mural that demonstrates the importance of everyone's contribution to the bigger picture.

Stand Together—Black lives matter - Copy

Step 3. Inspire ongoing engagement.

Post-event, we can explore other program options that build on this activity and integrate with your current culture-building initiatives such as:

  • Leadership training and community-building workshops.

  • Virtual onboarding programs that can be adapted in-person.

  • Training ERG leaders to succeed and to have greater organizational impact and effectiveness.

Book a demo and celebrate Black History Month with creativity!

Black History FAQ
  • Do you ship to home locations?
    Yes. We ship tiles and tools directly to team member's homes. If applicable, we provide a pre-paid envelope so everyone can forward their tile to be added to the bigger picture mosaic in a central location (often corporate HQ).
  • What are shipping costs?
    Shipping tiles and supplies to home locations is $5 per person. Shipping tiles and supplies to one central location ranges between $20 and $40 (up to 200 tiles + supplies). Standard Mosaic ground shipping costs range between $50 and $125. Oversized works of art (larger than 2ft x 2ft) incur additional costs.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Usually yes—for company specific engagement programs. However, this activity will be limit to teams residing within the US.
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