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Stand together.

Stand together for Black Lives Matter.

The BLM Mosaicli Mural is provides outlets for inspiration, connection, and healing while furthering racial equity at work and in the world.  Our virtual programs use media from in-person activations to create a real life sense of being part of a global mural-making movement. Accountable to their individual piece of the mural, every employee has an opportunity to inspire healing, hope, and action. As leaders, when you are visually vocal about where you stand, you actively build trust within your organization and further racial equity globally.

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100% of profits from BLM Mosaicli Murals goes back to fuel

the movement.

Profits enable public art that helps heal racism and inspire hope.

Profits support anti-oppression and increased Black representation in schools. 

Use your BLM Mosaicli Mural to align with your broader strategy for racial equity.

The BLM Virtual Installation

Stand with global leaders to transform your company culture inside and out.


In person




by us

Self led

by you






What you get:

  • A self guided experience that enables every employee to make their unique contribution.

  • A visual mural that supports connection, dialogue, and action to build your culture.

  • BLM Mosaicli Mural tool kit that enables your team to add onto their art as your team grows from 50, 200, 500 to 10,000.


30 to 90


Team Building

50 to 20,000


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Additional Features.

Ongoing engagement.

Engage new hires and continually revisit key conversations .

Prints for everyone.

Instill your values and remind teams they're together no matter distance.

Onsite engagement.

Invite employees to add onto their mural when they visit your office in person.

Onsite opportunities.

Invite employees to add onto their mural when they visit your office in person.


Profits upport anti-racism and allyship training for kids, families, and schools.

Soul Shoppe had been delivering transformational lessons to thousands of parents, teachers, and children for more than 20 years. In early June, they hosted a Zoom lesson for over 300 kids, teachers, and parents about anti-racism, privilege, and allyship. Facilitated by Anthony Jackson and Arek Bryant, this led to a 3-part series called the "Power of Allyship", which Soul Shoppe aims to bring to over 100+ elementary schools over the next few years. Like many education nonprofits, Soul Shoppe was heavily impacted by school closures and COVID-19. We are raising funds to continue to bring their transformational work to young people through virtual lessons about empathy, allyship, and peacemaking.

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