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Create your virtual BLM team mural

Building on our public installation, this activity gives your teams a creative opportunity to contribute to a vision, in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, that honors everyone's contribution. After your teams receive an inspirational invitation they are guided through a self directed activity, individually or as a group, to create their piece and add it to their own virtual BLM Mural.

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How it works

1. We send a special invitation.

Every member on your team gets a unique piece that is essential to your Mural.

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Gift Box

2. Your team gets a creative moment to connect.

A central theme guides everyone on your team to create their piece either by themselves or as a group.

Central theme

A central theme inspires each person to connect in a way that resonates with them.


Self-directed instruction

Additional instructions* guides deeper reflection both individually or as a team.

*Optionally, our facilitation team can guide a meaningful activity.

Paint Brush

Accessible art tools

An online art tool enables everyone to express their creativity.

Amplified voices

Optional interviews allows teams to share the story behind their piece.

3. Inspire everyone with their BLM Mural.


Once everyone on your team uploads their unique piece and any additional media, our team brings it all together into one unified picture for you to share with friends, family, and colleagues.


Donation based, funds support more public art in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and benefit Soul Shoppe, and women and PoC led non-profit focused on anti-oppression work and increased Black representation to elementary school education.

Book a Mosaicli Mural Demo
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