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This is about all of us. Racism is real and

deep down we all want to heal.

Violence anywhere hurts everyone. Fear is fueled by unfamiliarity. Bias keeps us separated from ourselves and each other. Freedom is the cost of shame. No one is perfect. And we need each other to build the bigger vision—one by and for all.

In the longer arc set forth by caring and courageous leaders throughout history and today, we see love wins and how many small actions change the world.

Black Lives Matter

Enact your core values and foster leadership, humanity, and connection on your teams or in your community. Our "Stand Together" for Black Lives Matter Mosaicli Mural helps leaders inspire engagement cross-culturally and integrates with both virtual and onsite (outdoors & socially distanced) programming.

The "Stand Together" series supports broader DEI strategies and provides interactive opportunities for teams to enact their values related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Start with our flagship 90-minute training or provide opt-in "seats" to activate voluntary engagement over time.


In connection with BLM, people globally are creating Murals and taking action in response to the question:

What does freedom look like to you?

How will you lead?

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