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Welcome to Camp ClinOps

An Interactive Community Building Experience


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This page will orient you with additional instruction and activity links in case you get lost. By the end of this experience your art will be added to complete the bigger picture. We can't wait to see what you create!

Ready? Let's go!

Activity Start


Breakout group challenge!


Follow the two steps below to create your team's mythical creature and ad lib! Help each other out and get curious about the things people added to their tiles and why. Have fun, be kind, and leave the inner critic behind!

Activity instruction

  1. Use a solid background and take a level photo of your tile. 

  2. Convert your tile to a virtual rendering

  3. Win 500 points by completing your team challenge


Add to the bigger picture

Click below to add your tile to your team's Mosaicli Mural

ClinOps Mosaicli Mural-01.png
Bigger picture
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