Build belonging and connect teams no matter where they are.

Deliver lasting impact

Creative engagement + action = impact that lasts

Whether it's a 1-off event or series, everything we do is about helping you build a workplace community that values everybody. During each 60 to 90-minute experience, we use creativity to engage different learning styles, invite interactive learning, and encourage folx to commit one action related to your event objectives that work together to build a bigger picture that engages and inspires everyone.









Examples of Community Builds in action

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How it all happens

Work Meeting
  • Low lift for you: A few brief design meetings with your leadership teams gives us everything we need to finalize a program for your teams.

  • Customized Plan: Based on your unique challenges, our team fine tunes a program that achieves your overall goals.

  • Build excitement: We provide you with an email template to send to your teams that piques curiosity, increases  attendance, and provides an option for your teams to engage before the main event.

Before each event

During each event

  • Facilitate interactivity: Professional facilitators guide a unique event that energizes your teams through a series of interactive activities and exercises.

  • Inspire vulnerability: Prompted discussions stem from the creative process enabling deeper connections and reflection in small groups.

  • Enable Shared Learning: Best practices foster creativity, community, learning, and action to effectively instill your core values.

  • Create a unifying symbol: Participants work together to create a work of art symbolizing everyone’s value to the team and unique contribution to the bigger picture.

Video Conference
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After each event

  • Foster ongoing engagement: Following the mural-making event, people get a sweet reminder of the mural they built together, their event playlist, and a nudge to follow through on their commitment to action.

  • Demonstrate efficacy: With consistent 4/5 or higher survey results we provide you with participant feedback that demonstrates the efficacy and receptivity of your event.

"This is amazing plus infinity plus infinity."

Portrait of Smiling Businesswoman

"I was blown away by the experience."

Smiling Businesswoman

"It was nice being able to open up at work."

Sustain Progress

Complementing your Community Builds, we offer trainings that build capacity and drive toward a workplace that values everybody.