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With creativity, engagement is yours to shape.

Start with a Mosaic keynote kick-off to inspire a bigger, shared vision, that connects teams with empathy, understanding and humanity. Then, integrate our training and tools to instill your core values, enact pivotal leadership practices, and foster a visionary workplace culture that thrives on connection, recognition and purpose

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"To be truly visionary we have to root our imagination in our concrete reality while simultaneously imagining possibilities beyond it"                                                       - Bell Hooks

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Envision Possibility

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Programs that integrate creativity achieve better learning and engagement outcomes. Creativity fosters connection across all backgrounds and experiences. And, we can only achieve visionary outcomes by first imagining what's possible, together.

Whether we partner to rebuild your values from the bottom up or train teams to enact ongoing recognition practices, your custom Mosaic can be a catalyst that keeps everyone focused on the bigger picture.

Your vision, your way

Combine features that foster recognition and transform the employee experience


Interactive Mosaic Keynote

Foster social connection, recognition, and purpose in 5 to 90 minutes, from 50 to 50,000 participants.

Recognition Learning Lab

Instill leadership practices that build teams that thrive on feedback, communication and ongoing action.

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Vision & Values Revamp

Revisit your vision and values and elicit overwhelming buy-in across all levels of your organization.

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Interactive Keynotes

Spark a recognition revolution

With global scale, create a rewards program with ongoing employee experiences that
weave recognition into the fabric of your culture.


What leaders say


Arthur Bart Williams, Executive Director, GRID Alternatives BA

"Within the first 3-months working with Mosaicli we increased role clarity by 20% across our teams. For us, role clarity was a core foundation for building a culture that could recognize and honor everyone's unique contributions."


What legacy will you leave?

Schedule a consult to envision what's possible today.

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