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Instill leadership habits and pivotal team practices that drive your company forward

We leverage creativity to instill organizational-wide practices that foster employee well-being, human connection, recognition and purpose across organizations. Customize the training and tools your teams and leaders need to carry your culture forward. 

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A lack of human connection alone costs organizations over $5,000 per employee yearly and those who feel under-recognized and misaligned with the vision and values their organizations espouse continue to seek employment elsewhere.

Why human connection, recognition and purpose?


Mosaicli Leader Lab

Invite managers, leaders and teams to enact core skills and team practices that drive organizations forward. Our programs are:

Research driven
Arts integrated (inclusive)
Timely and workflow integrated
Onsite and virtual
Fun and interactive

Customize features

Design an ongoing employee experience that empowers leaders and teams to carry your culture forward from the moment they "walk in" the door

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Elevate your values

Integrate team learning

Build a bigger picture

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Activate Your Teams

Deliver an employee experience that activates your values and empowers ongoing action