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Scaled Engagement that WOWs

Build an employer brand that connects all teams.

Disparate trainings and team building activities cost finite resources and usually don't provide long-term value. Leaders struggle to align their goals and, modeled from the top down, silos build and cross team communication struggles.

We customize employee experiences that operationalize core company values and engage teams for an ongoing journey of learning and connection. Bolstered by a unique communication strategy, we enable a streamlined communications strategy that wins opt-in participation over time—never pay for underwhelming participation #'s again.

Catalyze Learning.
Scale Connection. 

Enable adaptive team journey's that connect across functions.

Scalability requires the right mix of autonomy and structure. Mosaicli ToolKits operationalize a culture-building journey with fun, interactive and bite-sized activities. With minimal inputs, a plug-and-play design process advances the priorities and goals of leaders across functions. Then, teams simply “opt-in" to schedule a kick-off meeting that starts an inspiring "first chapter." Challenges and incentives up the stakes. An integrated communication strategy # improves employer brand and spreads the opportunity.

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Enable leaders across functions

An innovative design approach advances the priorities and goals of stakeholders across functions, improves silos and scales connection and learning with ease.

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Your goals + leader's goals + foundational KPIs builds a leading employer brand people rave about.

90+ NPS (Net Promoter Score)

10x engagement touchpoints


Catalyze Connection & Learning.

Achieve 10x more for half the cost of one great training.

Facilitated trainings are costly and rarely sustain impact. Mosaicli team journeys combine connection and learning where a kick-off event initiates "chapter one." To begin, managers share about the opportunity, schedule time with their team and let the magic unfold. Every activity is autonomous, guided by audio or video, and takes 15 to 25 minutes to complete. Activity challenges and outcomes, like the one shown below, strengthens bonds and facilitates a communication strategy that socializes your program, builds your brand and motivates teams to "opt-in."

Enable innovative
program design

We help align the priorities and needs of leaders across all levels* to deliver integrated team experiences that catalyze connection and learning.

I. Leader Priorities and Goals

Simple inputs help clarify the challenges, priorities, needs and goals of program and department leaders.

*Team's provide input for "Chapter 2"

II.Your Priorities and Goals

As partners, we clarify broader learning objectives and populate the best implementation plan for you.

III. Team journeys that enable both

We populate every team's journey with an activity plan that furthers advances everyone's priorities and goals.

Enact program "activators"

Combine the best of team building and training for a dynamic strategy that improves communication, builds trust and catalyzes learning with minimal effort.

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The ToolKit

A premium physical gift that accompanies every participants individual and team journey.


Connective Play

Effective learning that's fun and enables inclusive learning across language, culture and learning differences.

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Bite Size Activities

Short engagement opportunities that are easily integrated into workflows.

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Pay for Use

Never pay for underwhelming participation #'s with an "opt-in" approach that improves learning outcomes.

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Spicy Challenges

Healthy competition that rewards employees for carrying your culture forward (and being the best).

Unify Teams Globally.

Deliver connective learning that scales.

Ship ToolKits globally, include a tile to the "bigger picture," and activate team journey's around the world that improve learning, wellbeing and team performance.

Transform Your Teams

Get in touch with our team for a risk-free try.

"Mosaicli played a pivotal role in our culture building journey. They helped us measure our progress and improve qualitative metrics like open