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Distance cramping
your culture?

Delliver a fully virtual, mural-making experience, that builds community, develops leaders, and connects everyone with a bigger picture

Final Zendesk Mosaicli Mural Transparant-01_edited.jpg

Popular experience features:

  • Company Mosaic design

  • Custom creativity kits

  • WFH shipping

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Have a big conference approaching? Dreaming to bring everyone together? Want to communicate a bigger vision?

Building on the success of engagement programs we've designed with leaders globally, we partner with passionate leaders to customize employee experiences that help everyone feel more connected and like their contribution matters in the bigger picture.

Your employee experience
Your way

Combine program features and further the goals that matter most to you

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We adapt any of our 100 + programs to reflect your cultural norms and further your specific program goals. With as little as 1-week turn-around, we can customize and ship art kits and facilitate a virtual program that feels and sounds like it was made for your team.

Mosaicli Mural Tiles


Engages your leaders in a fun and inspiring activity that sets the creative direction for your companies unique Mosaicli Mural. Afterwards, our team hits the drawing board and designs a Mosaicli Mural that's representative of your vision forward.

Mission Aligned Art

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Based on your overall event theme and goals, we etch your core message and assemble (locally) your teams customized creativity kit. Their personal keepsake is a special reminder of a broader campaign and their role within it.

Branded Creativity Kit

Woman Studying

With videos, email templates, and visuals, we help you communicate a compelling story that increases engagement and shows employees what you really stand for. 

Media & Comms Kit

For clients who want bring engagement up a notch, we offer various options depending on what fits best with your current culture-building initiatives.

Hybrid Engagement

Canadian 18 Anos-08638.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 9.40.03 AM.png

Use the art you've made to re-instill event outcomes with meaningful swag. Clients have made hats, t-shirts, hoodies, and mugs. Others opt for prints and keep things simple and use their Mural image in their signature or as their desktop background.

Meaningful SWAG

A business meeting

We are experts in collaboration. Invite marketing, communications, DEI, and organizational change leaders to 1-3 design meetings to create and engagement plan that will excite and inspire everyone involved.

Multi-stakeholder Planning


All of our programs provide multiple methods for engagement so that, if you have a main event, people who missed out can still participate. Ongoing engagement opportunities also increases your timeline to reinforce your message over time.

Interactive Programming

Employee well-being

We ship creativity kits and Mosaic tiles to WFH and regional locations so that all your employees can make their contribution to a bigger picture.

Final Zendesk Mosaicli Mural Transparant-01_edited.jpg

Increase Engagement with Creativity

Arts-integrated learning and communication strategies increase program efficacy and foster employee engagement across all backgrounds and experiences. In our initial program planning stages we'll propose interactive solutions aligned with your cultural context and unique program goals. 


Deliver a game-changing employee experience that everybody loves.

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