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Unify your teams while setting a world record

Later this year, thousands will contribute to a collaborative work of art. In workplaces and homes across the country, curiosity will grow, imagination will sore and courage will catalyze bigger picture possibilities.


Win-lose politics, distrust and a lack of imagination perpetuates siloes and decreases team effectiveness.

Create bigger picture possibilities

Create a culture that embodies unifying leadership practices

​Enroll your teams in a historic opportunity...Mindset: Improve collaboration with 3 core practices

  • Community impact: Enable opportunity with our 1:1 give back match

  • ​​Team building. Strengthen bonds through meaningful dialogue

  • Values workshop. Uinigied teams must be aligned inividually. Centered. Three part series. Imagine, vision. Purpose and values. Actions and habits.

Consider timing.. As the year rounds out. Time to reflect and connect. Imagine possibilities for the future. Participants also get tickets to sign-up free for a vision session. Building off imagination what's possible. This gives folks a chance to imagine their own experience and life purpose.. Might even consider a strip with 3 applications. End of year reflection. Before the end creeps up too quicl. Celebration. Imagination as a way to end the year strong. How do we frame this narrative. Endings. ending early to end strong.

Unified teams shape new possibilities

Connect your teams through an unforgettable, One Mosaic experience.

This activity will show your teams how to recognize distractions and stay focused on the bigger picture—complementing your efforts to foster social connection, wellbeing and cohesion across your teams.

Unified teams are... More effective. Customer focused (rather than internal safety).


Leaders act with heart


Courage catalyzes psychological safety—the #1 driver of effective teams.



Leaders connect with care


92% credit curiosity as a catalyst for job satisfaction, motivation, innovation, and high performance. 



Leaders inspire with vision


Imagination can instill purpose—shown to double retention.

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How it works

Engage teams everywhere

1) Mosaicli ships (onsite locations)
2) Teams engage onsite (inquire for remote)
3) Make history (world record street cred)
4) Your local community benefits

Unify your teams as one

For less than $50, everyone walks with...


Mosaic tile & creative tools

Canadian 18 Anos-08700_edited.png

An inspiring team experience

OA Mosaic.jpeg

Record-holder street cred

Participants get a digital certificate


Digital print of resulting art

Participants get a print of the world record art

Get optional add-ons

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Brand premium leadership tools that everyone gets


Send physical
prints of the
resulting art

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Send certificates to world record holders

Ready to unify your teams and give back to your community?

With a one-to-one match, enable any school, non-profit or community organization to participate and benefit.


Submit this form and get involved!

What best describes you?
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