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This is about all of us. Racism is real and

deep down we all want to heal.

Violence anywhere hurts everyone. Fear is fueled by unfamiliarity. Bias keeps us separated from ourselves and each other. Freedom is the cost of shame. No one is perfect. And we need each other to build the bigger vision—one by and for all.

In the longer arc set forth by caring and courageous leaders throughout history and today, we see love wins and how many small actions change the world.

In response to the murders of George Floyd, Breona Taylor, Tony McDade, Nina Pop, Ahmaud Arbery and countless names which we know and have invoked for justice, we are leveraging our power the best way we know how:

  • Community art: The BLM "Stand Together" Mural is an interactive public experience that invites participants to depict their dreams in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and commit to at least one action toward making those dreams reality. For some action might look like doubling down on joy, for others action could look like divesting from racist institutions, initiating difficult conversations, or supporting Black owned businesses. See FAQ's to learn more.

  • Advocacy: Proceeds from this initiative go toward Soul Shoppe, a PoC and women led organization. Soul Shoppe has been working heavily the last few years to bring anti-oppression work and increased Black representation to elementary school education. Learn more below.

In solidarity with Black Lives Matter, people globally are creating Murals in response to this question:

What does freedom look like to you?

Black Lives Matter

Soul Shoppe had been delivering transformational lessons to thousands of parents, teachers, and children for more than 20 years. In early June, they hosted a Zoom lesson for over 300 kids, teachers, and parents about anti-racism, privilege, and allyship. Facilitated by Anthony Jackson and Arek Bryant, this led to a 3-part series called the "Power of Allyship", which Soul Shoppe aims to bring to over 100+ elementary schools over the next few years. Like many education nonprofits, Soul Shoppe was heavily impacted by school closures and COVID-19. We are raising funds to continue to bring their transformational work to young people through virtual lessons about empathy, allyship, and peacemaking.


Support anti-racism and allyship with kids and families.

Community Partners & Sponsors


Frequently asked questions

What will be required of me?

Mosaicli Murals are designed for people to engage and to participate however they feel comfortable. Based on a theme specific to Black Lives Matter participants will have the opportunity to paint on a small 3" x 3" piece and add it to the larger "Stand Together" mural. On the back of their piece, participants will be invited to commit to one consistent action they are willing to take in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. When all the pieces come together, the mural will be a representation of how our diverse contributions fit into the bigger picture and create a world where everyone is safe and celebrated. We recognize that "action" looks different to different people. For some, action looks more like spending more time with their close friends and family. For others, it might like committing to sharing resources or initiating uncomfortable conversations. There will be an opportunity to share the story of your "piece" on video to show the different ways we align with the Black Lives Matter movement. The installation will take place throughout the day on July 25th. Show up for a few minutes and quietly add your piece. Or, post up for longer and hear stories from our diverse Oakland community.

What are COVID-19 safety protocols?

We take the pandemic serious and taking the following precautions to ensure a safe event: 1. Distance: There won't be a central table and participants will create their "piece" in the open air wherever they feel most comfortable. 2. Sanitation: There will be gloves and hand sanitizer available onsite. Meanwhile, all supplies that are used will be sanitized by our team before being made available again for reuse. 3. Time: The event will take place throughout the day so people can participate at various times. With that, our team will help to make sure this doesn't become a large or congested gathering.

Do I need to bring art supplies?

No, all supplies is provided by FLAX art store in Oakland and will be available at the installation location.

Do I need to be an artist?

No. Mosaicli Murals are designed so that no matter what your piece looks like it will magically fit in with the a range of expressions that make up the final art piece.

Does this cost money?

No. This is a free event for the community. However, donations are gladly accepted and will go toward supporting Black led organizations using art and storytelling to heal racism and build a better world for all.

Can kids participate?

Yes please. We strive to create a space where people of all ages and backgrouds can express their feelings and normalize conversations around race and racism.

When & where will this take place?

Between 3PM and 8PM every Saturday in August at the Pergola at Lake Merrit, Oakland: 599 El Embarcadero.