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Parallel Lines

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Gift Memberships: Bring Purpose to 2024.

When you give a Mosaicli gift membership, you help to heal divides and bring the stories of indigenous people alive.
Your gift and support brings people together in ways that make real, creative impact. Give a gift that inspires purpose and connects everyone to one bigger picture.

Shape Possibility

Counter social isolation, disconnection, fatigue and fear.
Make 2024 someone's most powerful year.

These are the ways a Gift Membership inspires purpose in the following ways

Become a Member

Get perks, access events


Set a World Record

Be part of a social movement


Access Exciting Events

Connect and create in community


Gift Creative Products

Hand, crafted, made with love

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Best Value

Connect With Friends & Family

Get the complete creativity kit and and bring people together with an interactive, fun and meaningful activity 

Give and Get Gifts

Personalized, hand crafted products designed with magic in mind

Experience the magic of hand crafted goods designed for creativity, connection and community.

Gift wrapping is available!

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Personalized Watercolor Palette

Wood etched, hand crafted.
Sustainably made (no plastics).
Personalize a gift that's meaningful.

$22 w/o personalization
$30 w/personalization

Premium Brush Set

Treasured gifts for home and travel.
High quality, Japanese fibers.
Eco-friendly, no animals (ever).



Miniature Mosaic

12 tiles to decorate.
Create together or on your own.
Get monthly prompts via email.


Get Your Mosaic Tile

Set a World Record

Connect with indigenous stories, contribute to the bigger picture

Pre-order your Mosaic tile and contribute to an important, collaborative project.

100% of profits support indigenous movements.


"In scientific language our terminology is used to define the boundaries of our knowing. What lies beyond our grasp remains unnamed."
Robin Wall Kimmerer, Potawatomi Nation, Author, Braiding Sweetgrass

Bring mystery and magic into 2024

Become a Member

Connect, create and make change with a loving community

Cancel anytime hassle free

Engage your creativity. Build community. Use creativity to foster social change. 

Build the bigger picture—bring magic to 2024.

Access Monthly Events

Attend interactive gatherings led by passionate leaders

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Connect with your curiosity
Joaquin Capdevielle | Creative Director, Mosaicli

Explore grief, expand joy
Regina Lawless | Author, "Do You"


Find more play
Gary Ware | Author, "Breakthrough Play"

Hone your power
Joanna Miller | Empowerment coach


Remove barriers to creativity
Steven Kowalski | Author, "Creative Together"

Connect with joy and art
Jully Kim | Succulent queen & artist

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Get Membership Perks

Bring Magic to 2024

As a member you can opt-in to enjoy all the perks you'd like.
Choose an option that includes supplies to receive a deep discount.


Request discounted membership perks.




Every month

Weekly Reflection Prompt

Monthly Creativity Challenge

Exclusive Product Access

5% Member Rewards




Every month

All Creator Perks

Founding Member Status

Monthly Event Access (live, online)

In-person Meet Ups (Bay Area)




Every month

All Connector Perks

1 "World Record" Tile/Month

"Pays forward" Membership

Gratitude for giving

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eGift Card

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