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Hello courageous conference goer!

Hi again, it's me Angela. Our team at Mosaicli is honored to have shared the stage with you. The playlist to the right has the song that started our presentation. It's very personal and reflects the story I shared about courage. I wonder how it connects with you? You'll find additional songs to inspire your creativity as you make your contribution to our community Mosaic.


What does courage look like for you today?

At Mosaicli, we help leaders and teams enact core skills and practices that insopire human connection, innovation and possibility. At this conference, we invite you to practice courage and creative expression, whatever that looks like for you.

Contribute to the Culture Summit Mosaic

With courage, what's possible?

The great reset won't happen with the push of a button, it takes ongoing, committed action, to build a better world of work for everyone.

As you decorate your Mosaic tile, consider:

  • What does an organization enriched by human connection, deliberate about recognition and driven by purpose really look like?

  • What might you have to give up to make progress? (ie perfectionism, control, )

  • What might you get in return?

  • With courage, what’s really possible?


Get more inspiration

Use a prompt below to guide your creativity or hover for further instruction

Paint what lights you up

20210715_171522-removebg-preview (1).png

Draw a world with your superpower unleashed


Paint what gives you hope

image (3).png

Paint what your life looks like with courage


What can your company achieve with courage?


What does it look like to center wellbeing?


What helps ground you?


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