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Welcome Culture Leaders!
This Mosaicli Mural Community Building experience is presented by:

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Whether your are attending the live event or participating on your own, complete your tile and add it to the Culture Leader Mosaicli Mural between July 22nd & July 31st

Ready? Let's go!

Activity Start


Create your tile

Choose a tile below and decorate it according to the theme:

What has brought you joy in the last year?

Here are some ideas to prompt your creativity:

  • In the past year who showed up when you needed it most?

  • What's been one of your favorite hobbies?

  • What's a role you got to play, or a role someone played for you?

Remember to download your tile once complete


Breakout group activity

As people leaders we spend so much time worrying about other people it can be easy to forget to fill our own cups. That’s why we’re building a Mural focused on joy. To remember to bring joy into our work so we can stay connected and fueled to further progress within our organizations.

With a partner, take a few minutes each to share:

  • Your name

  • Your role at your company

  • Your gender pronouns

  • Who has been one of your biggest cheerleaders and how have they made a difference for you?

  • What's something that has brought you joy?

  • ​What's something you can do to connect with joy in the coming month?​

Bigge picture


Add to the bigger picture

Upload your converted tile to the shared art-board and then rotate and resize it so that it fits on your team's Mosaicli Mural

Culture Summit Virtual Mural-11.png


Thanks for participating!

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