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Create a culture that thrives on feedback and candid communication

Within and across teams people don't get the feedback they crave and, for fear of conflict, team-members avoid being candid. Resentment builds and everyone operates as a baseline level of disconnection. At worst, leaders leave without surfacing their apathy or frustrations. This program combines leadership training (and coaching), interactive employee experiences, and a foundational team systems audit that increases performance through accountability, action and connective relationships.


Highly engaged teams show 21% more profitability and directly impacted by consistent and constructive employee feedback

Companies with high feedback cultures experience a 14% decrease in turn-over

Feedback training

Common program training topics

The psychology of feedback (and shared barriers)
      ➡   Deepens psychological safety, solidarity, emotional well-being and connectedness (in service of a feedback culture)
Listen like a leader
      ➡   Apply foundational listening skills for more effective team management and amazing 1:1's
Foundational team systems
    ➡   Clarifies actionable measures to improve communication, build trust, and foster belonging now
Empowered team meeting design
    ➡   Apply 6 foundational principles to (re)energize meetings and consistently strengthen team bonds                                             
Inclusive team leadership
    ➡   Practice foundational meeting management skills that get everyone engaged
Feedback frameworks in action
    ➡   Operationalize both appreciative and constructive feedback and understand the place and purpose of both
Feedback and (biased) blindspots
    ➡   Practice key awareness techniques and understand how bias shows up for everyone (especially in positions of power)
Powerful 1:1's
    ➡   Build on best practices to leader 1:1 performance reviews that inspire learning and action

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Company Mosaic

Virtually or onsite, team members contribute their piece of a bigger picture.

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Creative Care Kit

Give a gift that supports wellness and provides unique team building opportunities

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Organizational Assessment

Know where you stand and communicate progress across your organization

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"All hands" Experiences

Bring everyone together to connect, learn, and reinvigorate workplace norms

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Ongoing Engagement Plan

Team activities and action calendar for improving team dynamics

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Manager Enablement Groups

Extra support to get connected, be real, and discuss team challenges/opportunities

Customizable Program Elements

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All-hands retreat (4-hrs)

  • Up to 200 participants

  • Virtual or in-person

  • Interactive skill-building and practice

  • Takeaways and activities e-book

  • 3 x 1:1 leadership coaching (30 min)

  • 3 deep dive consulting sessions


  • Manager or leadership training

  • Ongoing monthly/quarterly event

  • Data review, findings and recommendations

  • Custom company Mosaic

  • Custom company creativity kits


Manager trainings & retreat

  • All "baseline" services

  • Organizational assessment & interviews (including DEI analysis)

  • Findings and analysis

  • Dedicated consultant

  • 90-minute executive workshop

  • Four to eight 75-minute trainings

  • Manager playbook and implementation guide


  • 1:1 leadership coaching

  • Manager learning groups/pods


Ongoing culture-building

  • "Baseline" and "pro" services

  • Rolling trainings (seats)

  • Survey integration, support and reporting


  • Ongoing monthly/quarterly events

  • Executive coaching

  • Manager learning groups/pods

Program Tiers

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