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"Imagination does not bow to what is said to be 'unrealistic,' imagination remakes the world and has the revolutionary potential of, reimagining the present, inventing the future."

- viníciux da silva on Bell Hooks

Let's Reimagine

Complete challenges, win rewards and shape your conference experience.

Your conference has begun and it's up to you to elevate the magic. Start your adventure, complete challenges during the conference, and win prizes.

This is all about enhancing community, connection, learning and fun. Being shy is ok. Let the activities guide your way. You never know who will be moved by your willingness to try and to play.

2022 CultureCon (663 of 672).jpg

Win Rewards

Points are tallied and prizes awarded after the event. Everyone can win.


Mosaicli ToolKit

Hand crafted and designed in San Francisco, ToolKits begin immersive journeys that build community, create connection and foster learning.

Win this prize and get a premium ToolKit with online, guided prompts that foster creativity, connection and growth no matter where you go.


Custom Mosaic

Planning a team offsite? An inaugural kick-off? A wedding, birthday, or social justice cause? No matter your community building intentions, win this prize and get a fully customized Mosaic to connect and delight attendees at your next special event.

Access to CultureCon's certificate program

Get a free voucher for CultureCon's Certificate of Organizational Culture Leadership Applications bundle.


(2) tickets to CultureCon 2023

Head over to beautiful Madison Wisconsin where you'll have a chance to relish near the lake, soak up midwestern warmth, and connect with culture leaders at CultureCon's main annual event.


Interactive game for teams

The premise: Learning, social connection, innovation and the health of your organizational culture is directly related to the questions your teams feel free to explore, together, and the lived experiences (and stories) team members feel safe to share.

Don't have a budget for team building? This activity will guide your teams through a journey of learning, connection and growth.


Art print from Mosaicli's artist network

Did you know, up to 5% of client purchase orders go toward artist rewards as part of team Learning Journeys.

Win this prize and open to a new world of possibility (from an artist's vantage point).


Gary Ware's book, "Playful Rebellion"

Team Learning Journeys are customized and designed by leaders in their respective practice—Like Gary Ware. His book, "Playful Rebellion," will enable you to build community and foster connection by harnessing the power of play at work, at home and in the world.

Shape Possibility

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