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Get a free DIY activity for your teams.

*Muralist @Elizabethpatriciart

Create an interactive Mural.

As part of our "Remembrance in Action" series we've created an opportunity for remote teams to deepen their inclusive values, celebrate Black history month, and show how everyone's contribution fits into the bigger picture.


While we provide you the tools for your team to contribute a unique work of art to your company Mural, you get to decide the level of interaction you want for your teams. Some folx want to give their employees a chance to add to an art piece on their own time. Others feel inclined to bring everyone together virtually to create, connect, and foster meaningful interaction and dialogue. If you decide you want to enroll your teams in a Mosaici Mural event, the next step is to book a demo with our team so we can answer any questions you may have and orient you to your DIY activity. 

If you are interested in having our team facilitate an interactive activity for your teams, please book a slot on the bottom of our Black History Month event page.

2020_12_03_0gp_Kleki (1).png

"I think like many people of color in corporate America or any workplace sometimes you have to bring only parts of yourself to work, but the 24/7/365 represents me bringing all of myself to all things I do all the time. This year has given me more runway to do that given some platforms I have in the community and at my company."

Charla Batey

Communications Specialist

Here's an example of a participants tile.

How the DIY activity works.

Step 1. Prepare your DIY activity.

During our initial demo you'll decide if you want folx to complete their piece individually, or as a team during a virtual gathering. No matter your plan of action, everyone who opts into the voluntary activity will receive a link that contains their unique virtual tile and instruction to complete their piece. 

Step 2. Invite diverse voices.

Whether folx create their pieces individually, or as a group, they will receive instruction that guides them to create a meaningful tile aligned to the theme: Celebrate Black History Month. Using a combination of saved images and artistic expression, individuals will create a piece representing prompts such as:

  • What does celebration of Black History Month look like?

  • What does solidarity or support at work look like to me?

  • What's an action I can take to celebrate Black History Month now and in the future?

Stand Together—Black lives matter - Copy

Step 3. Celebrate your shared vision.

To get the most our of the experience you can break everyone into small groups and have them share about their unique tile. Additionally, we can arrange your activity so that everyone has a chance to add their piece to the Mural during your event. Otherwise, someone from your team can compile everyone's tile and add it to the virtual Mural afterwards. Optionally, we can send participants poster prints of their resulting art work.

Book a demo today.

We'll make sure you get set up with the best activity for your teams!

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