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Catalyze wellbeing & performance across your teams

Mosaicli's streamlined framework enables communications, HR and leadership teams to deliver an adaptive, highly customized, and cross-functional employee experience that improves culture and grows teams.

Quantity discounts and personalized branding are some of the many benefits you'll receive as an enterprise partner.

Mosaicli ToolKits

Empower teams, catalyze learning and growth

"The Mosaicli tool-kit was essential to our "big picture" manager meeting. It developed our managers and supported pivotal conversations that ultimately benefited all of our teams. When we stopped doing the Mosaicli activities, managers asked to bring them back. I highly recommend the Mosaicli tool-kit for any leader who wants to build a stronger team with minimal inputs and planning.

Arthur Bart Williams, Executive Director, GRID Alternatives BA


Enable proactivity

Help managers build trust with less time planning

Building and maintaing psychological safety takes time, energy and an understanding of group dynamics most managers lack. With decreased head counts and less resources, managers are stretched thin and burning the candle at both ends. Priorities compete for attention and the sentiment, “I’m just keeping my head above water” is widespread—reactive response rather than proactive planning takes its toll on mental health, decision-making and prioritization across all levels. Do your systems and structures set managers up for success?

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2022 CultureCon (654 of 672).jpg

Provide systems and structures that improve employee wellbeing and team performance

Improve psychological safety and communication with incremental trust

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Empower action 

Invite teams to shape their experience

Screen Shot 2023-01-22 at 10.48.11 AM.png

While team-building is inherently part of a managers job description, the process and procedures to “do it” effectively are either non-existent, inaccessible or workflow impossible.

Our adaptive framework enables a cohesive employee brand strategy that empowers teams to shape their own journey. Mosaicli ToolKits save time on activity planning and give employees confidence that their questions, concerns and growth needs will be addressed.

Gift creatively

Crafted locally, Mosaicli ToolKits instantly inspire creative leadership

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Unify globally

Shipped anywhere, each ToolKit (optionally) includes a tile to one big company Mosaic

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Shape what's possible

Features and options enable you to deliver a program that wows

Ethically sourced

From Mosaics to ToolKits, we craft locally and source sustainably.

Learning that sticks

Creativity and storytelling improve learning outcomes and develop influential leaders.

Continuous feedback

Feedback is embedded with each activity so teams can choose and shape their program.

Employee driven

Creative Internal communication and word of mouth increases ToolKit adoption.

White Structure

Creatively Empowered

Employee enablement that improves wellbeing and performance consistently

Risk free, instant ROI

After a program initiation fee, you only pay when teams sign-up.

Impressive art

99% of employees will be proud of what they make individually and together.

Reasonable activity length

Engagement activities are between 5 and 45 minutes depending on team priorities.

Additional employee benefits

Employees are rewarded with points they can use toward additional leadership tools.

Speak with our team

See program timelines, project accountabilities and customizable input options

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