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Team RISE,
We appreciate you and the ways in which have shaped our growing organization during your service as a RISE ambassador. As an inaugural Team RISE-er, you will always be part of the First Onsite origin story. Your unique tile represents the unique gifts that you’ve brought and will continue to bring at First Onsite. Collectively, our tiles will shape an interactive mosaic that we’ll proudly feature at our Corporate HQ. Each tile is magnetic, which means that as people walk by, they can flip your tile over to view your unique art, words, or message. We can’t wait for you to leave your mark!


Get Inspiration

Use a prompt below to guide your creativity

Depict your proudest accomplishment this year.

20210715_171522-removebg-preview (1).png

Show what it looks like to rise as a company.


Illustrate your greatest human power.

image (3).png

Illustrate what your team should be most proud of.


Depict the words you live by.


Depict something that brings you joy.


Design a tile to honor someone who shaped or inspired you.


Depict what gives you meaning or purpose.


Send your tile to HQ

Add your tile to the forwarding envelope so that it gets added to the bigger picture.

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