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Build your bigger vision one tile at a time.

The best teams are led by leaders who aren't afraid to show they care. Our clients understand that building trust and investing in extraordinary team experiences makes all the difference. Take a glimpse into what we've done with leading brands and imagine what's possible for your teams.

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How do we build trust between engineering and product teams amidst historical angst and deeply entrenched silos? Zendesks director of engineering, Jully Kim, has a big heart and unwavering vision. After experiencing our work at Culture Summit, she wondered: "how might the symbolism of a Zendesk Mosaicli Mural coupled with strategic arts engagement opportunities demonstrate a renewed commitment to a more unified, global vision?"

One measure of success was communication touch points. Let's be real, communication will always take work, but what if employees across regions felt more comfortable reaching out to each other in the future? How might we build better, more integrated, products?

Unify cross-functional teams.

More project details coming soon.


Canadian Solar is the 3rd largest solar company in the world and has a bold vision mission to be the global leader in renewable energies. Every year they have a Founder's Day where teams, globally, celebrate success and revisit their mission, vision, and values.

In fall of 2019 Emily Du, Canadian Solar's global HR director, wanted to do something different. Employees were feeling disconnected from their teams and, across the globe, teams were feeling alone and not connected as one unified global team. To instill their mission, vision, and values and help regional teams feel connected to a broader, global vision, we helped Canadian Solar build a global art piece—imagine, 900 employees across 12 regions building one art piece that demonstrated the power of their global team.

Unify your global teams.

More project details coming soon.

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