Unify diverse teams and build a company culture that inspires the next generation.

Customize your Mosaicli Mural program and build an inspirational workplace that connects customers and employees with the mission, vision, and values that matter most.

Our Solutions.

Mosaicli is a human centered, creatively-inspired, consulting and branding agency. We work with leading brands to create inspirational workplaces that attract, engage, and grow the next generation. If you want to deepen your inclusive values and find greater alignment with your teams, we'd be thrilled to share how we help leaders like you build programs that use creativity, augmented reality, and interactive programming to inspire a diverse community of engaged employees and committed customers.

Deepen your inclusive values and integrate cross-cultural engagement strategies that build belonging.

Diversity Efforts

ERG Impact

Connects your members with a learning community of leading brands to strategically increase organizational effectiveness.

Leadership & development

Interactive conferences, trainings, off-sites, team-building activities, and workshops that use creativity to engage teams cross-culturally.

Values alignment & branding

Inspire customers and/or employees with meaningful engagement opportunities that instill your mission, vision, and values.

Use creativity to

unify diverse teams.

Build a company that inspires.

Diverse solutions integrate to engage teams cross-culturally, virtually and in-person.

Onsite Activations.

Guided by a central theme, Mosaicli Murals provide opportunities for both onsite engagement and virtual interactivity.

Virtual Murals.

Integrate your Mosaicli Mural to inspire your virtual onboarding program and other remote culture building strategies.

Interactive learning.

Our consultants lead custom training programs and workshops that use creativity to engage and inspire teams cross-culturally.

Inspirational keepsakes.

Inspire the next generation to share your story with interactive posters that use augmented reality to tell your story.

Connect a new generation

driven by mission, vision, and values that matter most.

I didn't fully understand the connection between building company culture and doing something creative. I was in a team environment with people in Japan and Brazil and South Africa and, during the process, it clicked to me that this is a way to access a language and way of communication that would transcend culture. 

Grow an inspirational brand where everyone's unique contribution has a place in the bigger picture.

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