Recognition of epic proportions

Inspire a collective effort that instantly bonds participants and prevails throughout your event.

Bring the fun

Mosaicli keynotes are highly interactive experiences that bond participants through creative expression and meaningful conversation. Upon arrival, each participant receives an art kit and a unique Mosaic tile. Guided by an inspirational facilitator, everyone completes their tile and, in the end, adds it to your bigger company Mosaic. Depending on your goals, keynotes are available in hybrid formats and last 10 to 90 minutes. Shorter programs usually kick-off a collective efforts that endures throughout your event or ongoing culture-building efforts.

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Drive Impact

With your goals top of mind, drive the following outcomes


Psychological Safety

Build trust through interactive fun and meaningful conversations

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Connection to Purpose & Values

Have participants connect to your companies mission, vision and values

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Creative Resilience

Empower attendees to use art as a form of personal expression, growth and learning

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Bigger Picture Alignment

Invite everyone to add their unique contribution to the bigger picture

Connect with our keynote team

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Deliver the experience everyone dreams



Client exploratory call


Creative direction meeting


Program design & review


Your big event

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