How leaders use Mosaicli Murals

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Customize your design

Have us design a completely unique Mural, or streamline your event by using one of our existing Mosaicli Mural templates. 

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Create your experience

Whether it's a self-directed experience, community build, or ongoing training series, we design your program with impact in mind.


Add special features

If you want to make people feel even more special, send them a custom art kit and a poster print at the end of your event.

Mosaicli Murals

Mosaicli Murals are the canvas for your people. It's not new that a new normal is needed, but more people are waking up to this reality. Whether remote or in-person, we deliver impactful experiences with sustained growth that help you grow trust, engage your teams and build a remote work community that values everybody.

Build the bigger picture

Featured community build

Building a workplace that values everyone takes everybody's unique contribution. Available as a 1-off or 3 part series, engage ERGs or provide monthly seats for your entire staff to connect through an interactive exploration of power, privilege, and identity.

Power of being


Featured project

Canadian Solar's Anniversary

To commemorate a big anniversary and reconnect their global team to the bigger company vision & core values, 900 employees from 12 global regions shared personal stories related to their "why" and completed their portion of the bigger (20ft x 8 ft) bigger picture.


Who we are

Values in action

Employee owned and operated, we're on a mission to catalyze a movement that honors everybody. Clients trust us to deliver unparalelled training and events that drive impact through community-building, learning, and action. While we serve everybody, we focus especially on elevating the vision and voices of under-represented communities and creating access pipelines for the benefit of all. Learn more about our values in action.

Trust our team to guide

I didn't fully understand the connection between building company culture and doing something creative. I was in a team environment with people in Japan and Brazil and South Africa and, during the process, it clicked to me that this is a way to access a language and way of communication that would transcend culture. 

Connect your people with creativity

Because if everyone on your team feels valued and like they can be real with each other, they're happier, more engaged, stay longer, and are more likely to more fully contribute  to the bigger picture.

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