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TCGplayer and eBay
join forces!

We've come a long way at TCGplayer and have so much to celebrate. To honor our history and reimagine the future, we're creating a Mosaic together. The wood tile you received will be added to a work of art that will be hung in HQ to help carry our incredible culture forward on this new journey. 

Use the pencils provided and any other supplies you'd like to decorate your tile with. The playlist to the right and the inspirational prompts below will help guide your creativity. Once complete, put your tile in the envelope provided so it can be included in the bigger picture. 

Let go of your inner critic and have fun!

TCGplayer's Program Planning Doc (1).png

Get Inspiration

Use a prompt below as a north star to guide your creativity

Depict your proudest accomplishment at TCGplayer.

20210715_171522-removebg-preview (1).png

In one word, what makes TCGplayer special? Decorate your tile to show it.


Illustrate TCGplayer's greatest superpower.

image (3).png

Illustrate what the people at TCGplayer should be most proud of.


Depict a moment at TCGplayer you will never forget.


What does the magic of eBay and TCGplayer combined look like?


Draw the essence of TCGplayer that you hope carries forward.


In 10 years, depict the legacy that you expect TCGplayer and eBay built together


Send your tile to HQ

Add your tile to the forwarding envelope so that it gets added to the bigger picture.

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