Do you want to build trust? Unify your global team? Amplify your brand voice? Connect your teams with a vision that matters to them?


Once we're clear on where you're going, we'll guide you through a simple process, like the one below, to show your teams that big collaborative outcomes are possible.


First, empower your leaders to design your cultural relic.

Ready to transform your culture with a one-off event? We didn't think so. The key to building an inspirational remote work culture is buy-on from leadership and enthusiastic engagement from culture leaders. During a 75-minute design experience, we'll bond your team while they set the artistic direction for your Mosaicli Mural—A one of a kind art-form that will unify your teams before, during, and after your next big event.

Teams are tired of showing up for the same old Zoom meeting.

3 days before your big event, we'll send an inspirational invitation to every employee that includes their unique part of the bigger picture.

Deliver an experience to be remembered.

Have you had lay-offs? Furloughs? Team restructuring? Re-prioritization? Shifting vision? Like most company leaders, you need to start rebuilding trust now, before uncertainty turns into apathy and resignation.

During a 90-minute or full-day Mosaicli Mural program, your employees will feel part of a greater purpose. Cross-culturally, introverts, and extroverts alike will feel more connected with each other and with your company mission, vision, and values. Accountable to their own part, everyone will see how their unique piece fits into the new, albeit changing, bigger picture.

Create continuity that builds on your goals beyond the big event.

Did you know that a strong onboarding program can not only improve retention rates by Throughout your Mosaicli Mural program, we will be creating media assets to capture the team and culture-building experience at each phase. These assets can be used to reflect LightSwift’s culture internally, and market it’s brand externally. Through employee spotlights, videos, interviews, and images, these assets can help tell stories about who you are and the kind of company you aspire to be.

Programs & Pricing

Build your team today.


▶   We facilitate a 90 minute virtual team-building experience as soon as tomorrow.

▶   You still get a semi-customized Mosaicli Mural with your logo.

▶   You get 3 brand assets to instill your vision & values.

Employees opt-in and build their Mosaic.

$999 + $9/participant

▶  We send every employee an invitation with a virtual piece of their Mural.

▶   A self directed activity guides everyone to create their piece.

▶   Once submitted, we compile everyone's piece into the bigger picture.

▶   Optionally, we provide facilitation or instruction for self directed group retrospective.

Build a scalable culture building program.

Base fee* + $9/participant

▶   Customized Mosaicli Mural.

▶   75-minute design experience for up to 10 culture leaders

▶   1 yr license: Mosaicli Mural virtual engagement kit.

▶   3 Mosaicli Mural activities for your onboarding program.

* Base fee is for licensing based on organization size. Base fees are as follows:

  • 1,000 - 2,000 : $14,999

  • 2,000 to 5,000 : $24,999

  • 5,000 to 10,000: $34,999

Train Facilitative Leaders.

Each 75-minute training costs $99/person ($1,500 minimum)

▶   10 strategies to be an effective virtual facilitator.

▶   The 3 reasons meetings go poorly (and what to do about it).

▶  Facilitating virtual team agreements that empower everyone.

▶   Integrating 3 team traditions that build engaged team cultures.

▶   Contextualize culture-building with a developmental framework.

▶   Creating space for difficult conversations (and innovation).

Build the team of tomorrow.

$129/person ($10,000 minimum)

▶  We work with your entire company to redefine and refine your core company values.

▶  You get 3 core practices that enable your teams to enact your core values daily.

▶   A 75-minute design experience to empowers your key leaders.

▶  You get a Mosaicli Mural that reflects your brand, vision, and values.

▶   A 3-hour virtual team offsite aligns teams across function and cultures with your mission, vision, and values.

▶   Media assets and ongoing traditions help to retain and recruit the best people.

Build a scalable culture building program.

$99/person ($7,500 minimum)

▶   A 75-minute design experience empowers your key leaders.

▶  You get a Mosaicli Mural that reflects your brand, vision, and values.

▶   A 3-hour virtual team offsite aligns teams across function and cultures with your mission, vision, and values.

▶   Media assets and ongoing traditions help to retain and recruit the best people.

Mosaicli Murals

We design and produce our Mosaicli Murals installations in-house. While costs are determined by both Mural size and # of pieces, following are pricing guidelines you can expect.

  • A physical Mosaicli Mural customize

"Not only can strong onboarding processes improve retention rates by around 80%, they also directly impact long-term business goals: 2.5x revenue growth and 1.9x profit margin compared to less effective methods."

Frequently asked questions

How much does a Muse Kidz subscription cost?

We offer several different subscription plans starting at $39.99/mo.

Can I order Muse Kidz as a gift?

We would love for you to gift a Muse Kidz subscription! When you place your order you can send a gift email to the recipient to let them know their gift is on the way! You can include a personalized gift message that will be included with the first package of your subscription.

Can I insert a video in my FAQ?

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What is your cancellation policy?

If you have purchased a Monthly subscription plan where we bill you on a monthly basis, you can cancel your subscription through your online account any time. Prepaid plans are not refundable but can be transferred to another child.

Is Muse Kidz Subscription box Gender Neutral?

Absoluetly all Muse Kidz boxes are gender neutral