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Celebrate Pride and the Beauty of Being LGBTQ+

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Build the bigger picture

This free activity is an opportunity for our broader community to connect, reflect, and create a bigger picture the represents the beauty of our intersecting LGBTQ+ identities.

Sign up today and get the following:


An interactive activity for teams of any size

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Access to a unique virtual platform to express and add to the bigger community Mural


Opportunity to win a real-life Mural and Mosaicli swag

Sign up here

DIY Pride Sign Up

Join our facilitation team!

If you are obsessed with bringing people together and want to help leaders build workplace communities that value everybody please get in touch.

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"I think like many people of color in corporate America or any workplace sometimes you have to bring only parts of yourself to work, but the 24/7/365 represents me bringing all of myself to all things I do all the time. This year has given me more runway to do that given some platforms I have in the community and at my company."

Charla Batey

Communications Specialist

BHM Mural for 2_25 Event.jpg

Looking for something customized for your team?

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