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Get (or gift) a set of 3 premium brushes made with Japanese nylon bristles. These brushes are designed for maximum portability so you can create at home or on the go without sacrificing quality.


Individual brush specs:


Portable brush (size 4): With metal casing, this brush breaks down in half and collapses inside itself—allowing you to store it in your bag without ruining your bristles. Measures 4.25" when collapsed and 7.25" when expanded.


Detail brush (size 1): For all your fine lines! This brush measures 6.5"


Fibert brush (size 8): It's not everyday you find a brush that's short and wide. That's why we've designed a brush that's portable and doesn't sacrifice quality. This size 8 filbert brush is 7.75" with soft to the touch bristles that will make your skin smile.

Premium Brush Set

Orders placed on or before December 13th will be shipped by December 15th
  • If you don't love it, return it! Full refunds given for items shipped back and returned within 30 days of purchase. Customized items cannot be returned.

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