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When it comes to social justice, it can be difficult to find your voice when the reality of how things are threaten our expression, existince, and being every day. Invite your community to take a moment to breathe, create, and explore the power that lays within our different stories and experiences.


Every Mosaicli Mural comes with a frame, a magnetic backboard, and options to purchase additional tiles so that your art can live to build community around pivotable topics every day of the year.


Your "Stand Together" Mural comes with:

  • 22, 38 or 60 interchangeable tiles depending on size
  • Adhesive magnets
  • 1 black picture frame with mounting hardware
  • 1 stencil kit to trace figures and faces on the sillhouettes
  • Mosaicli Mural "Stand Together" prompt cards to foster connection, expression, and dialogue

"Stand Together" Mosaicli Mural

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