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Every tile you purchase is an opportunity to take part in setting a Guinness World Record.

Shipping October 20th, you'll receive Mosaic tiles and activity instructions. You can participate individually, or you can purchase up to 200 tiles for a greater gathering. We suggest doing this activity with at least 2 people.


While setting a record plays a role, its just a catalyst for the picture is bigger...


Bigger picture details:


What would it be like in November 2024 to gather around a table with friends and family, in the spirit of "thanks" and "giving," and share a moment of togetherness, joy and creativity.


What if, no matter your religous differences or political affiliations, you could come together and leave, nourished, with a greater sense of purpose, power and possibility?


Purchase a tile, gather your family, team or organization, and be part of shaping the future (for the better of all).


The benefits of positive social change are reciprocal


  • What if, in November, you and/or your community were enriched by connecting with the language, culture and stories of indigenous people?
  • What if you walked away feeling more connected to your gifts, values and vision?
  • What if your participation supported indigenous language and culture to continue thriving?


In the bigger picture, this ongoing project and resulting product supports the thriving of indigenous languages and culture.


Here's how it works:

1) Pre-order one or more tiles now (ships October 15th)

2) Receive your Mosaic tile(s) in the mail with guided activity instruction

3) Submit your tile online to be part of setting the new Guinness World Record

4) Receive an e-certificate as a Guinness World Record holder

5) Join a live stream afterparty celebrating our achievement

6) Purchase an interactive, augmented reality enabled, art print of the resulting art (optional)



Can I purchase multiple tiles?

  • Yes, in fact it's recommended. You can also provide a link and ask your participants to show up to your gathering (virtual or in person) with their tiles.


Whose voices and perspectives are taken into account while designing this project?

  • In early 2024 we'll be interviewing indigenous peoples and leaders of indigenous led movements. We are shaping this project in relationship with those whose stories being shared.


Is this political?

  • No. While decisions around policies and agreement about historical accuracy varies across political lines, connecting with the stories, experiences and perspectives of indigenous people is not. This activity and movement is meant to give everyone an opportunity to connect with nature and reflect on their own lived experience through the lense of indigenous stories and perspectives.


What is augmented reality?

  • In short, imagine holding a phone up to a work of art and seeing that art transform and move. See this video for a visual explanation.


How does augmented reality play into this project?

  • During the activity you will have a chance to hear and be guided by a variety of indigenous stories.
  • After the art is created, the World Record Mosaic will have AR capabilities. Every month you will be able to hold your phone up to the art, click a tile and hear a new indigenous story.


How is the art made?

  • You and your community will add your tiles via a digital platform. You will be able to physically (on the computer) drag and drop your tile to a specific location on the Mosaic.


Can I get a print of the final work of art?

  • Yes! You will be able to download a free, digital copy, of the art. Or, you can purchase an art print of any varying sizes on the Mosaicli site. Place your print anywhere in your space to wow your guests with the power and purpose of this augmented reality storytelling project.


How will funds benefit indigenous communities?

  • Connecting the world throughh storytelling is one core aspect of advocacy and social change (we stand for what we know). This ongoing project will continue to amplify indigenous stories and voices through interactive, participatory, art
  • Beneficiary: We don't know, yet, how profts will be distributed. A portion of profits will go toward helping this project thrive. A portion will directly benefit indigenous language and culture movements. Details will become clearer in the second quarter of this 2024 project and we'll be transparent with our decision-making.


How will this project continue "living"

  • After setting the world record, we'll create a smaller version Mosaic so that you and anyone can connect with indigenous stories and bring people together around "thanks" and"giving" in new a powerful ways. The World Record print and smaller Mosaic will both live and move with indigenous stories with AR capabilities.


Pre-purchase your tile & activity

Orders will be shipped October 15th
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