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Creativity in community is a revolutionary act. It stretches the edge of the unknown. It's where we are surprised, where we become closer, and where what's unseen can further expand its wings.
Bring your community together and build the bigger picture with a special mix of expressive freedom and creative opportunity.

Mosaicli Murals

Sustainably sourced

Locally made and 100% sustainably sourced baltic birch wood.

Bring your people together and be part of a movement of community-builders using art to spark joy, create connection, and show everybody they are valuable to the bigger picture.

Magnetically placed

Tiles are interchangeable and magnetically placed meaning viewers can participate in many ways and, when your Mural is complete, purchase more tiles for engagement that lasts a lifetime.

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Refillable tiles

Locally made

When everything is complete you have the option to purchase more tiles to recreate your Mosaicli Mural and engage your people time and time again.

Every Mural and frame is made in San Francisco or Oakland by artists, crafters, and community builders. 

Mosaicli Mural "Community Build" series

Create an interactive opportunity that's fun and meaningful

Custom Murals are made to order. Inquire here to start the conversation!

Celebrate a birthday


Inspire your wedding

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Remember a lost love one


Stand together

Our "Stand Together" series is about building solidarity and encouraging action. It's about using art as a medium for storytelling to connect people and further conversations and social progress through empathy and action.
Bring a "Stand Together" Mosaicli Mural to your home, community, or workplace and kindle a fire around the conversations that matter most.


How will you build community?