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This is about all of us.

The disconnect is real and

Deep down we all want to heal.

Violence anywhere hurts everyone, everywhere.

Fear is fueled by unfamiliarity.

Bias keeps us separated from ourselves and each other.

Freedom is the cost of shame.

Perfectionism strains our joy,

And we need each other to build a better bigger picture—

One that's by and for all.

In the longer arc set forth by caring and courageous leaders

throughout history and today,

we see love winning and our collective actions fostering change.

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As a business cooperatively owned by leaders from underrepresented and marginalized peoples and places, our growth increases opportunities for ownership, wealth, and community power.

Creative engagement is a force for community-building and creating connections across varying backgrounds and experiences. Check back soon to learn about our partnerships, community actions, and equitable hiring pipeline practices.

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