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Deliver ongoing celebratory events that honor diversity and inspire allied action

Offer seats
Foster belonging
Increase employee well-being

Let's talk program design and performance based pricing.

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ongoing celebratory experiences

Black History Month

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Real relationships, real impact

Event outcomes

Organizational impact

Increases retention, performance, and overall employee engagement

  • Increased self efficacy

  • Builds familiarity and understanding

  • Deepens inclusive values

  • Fosters ongoing allyship and action

  • Opens communication across groups

  • Promotes mental health and well-being

Your program
Your way

Build on what works to create a program that fosters creativity and connection across teams

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Example Event Overview

We set an inviting tone with music, mindfulness, personal facilitator introductions, event engagement guidelines, and personal intentions.

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We illuminate leaders by sharing about identity specific experiences, contributions and perspectives that inspire people to think differently.

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We foster creative engagement by having participants reflect on an inspirational theme and then create their virtual or physical tile.

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We strengthen bonds by inviting participants to share in small break-out groups.

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We amplify community voices by inviting participants to share their inspirations.

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We deepen learning while exploring actionable ways to strengthen relationships and foster cultural appreciation, celebration and connection at work.

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We end in celebration when everyone adds their tile to your companies virtual Mosaicli Mural.

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Design for success
Develop with feedback

After initial planning, your program evolves in relationship with your unique company culture

1. Plan

  • Objectives

  • Program design

  • Measures of success

2. Enroll

  • Get people excited

  • Communicate your values

  • Share compelling media

3. Engage

  • Strengthen bonds

  • Increase understanding

  • Elicit feedback

4. Learn

  • Examine feedback

  • Communicate results

  • Strengthen programming

Curious to hear more?

Speak with our team to learn more and to explore performance based pricing


Deliver a game-changing employee experience that everybody loves.

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