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Build the foundations of thriving teams

The first activity you'll find below is designed for you and your teams to integrate and apply your learnings from your first Leader Lab experience. The following activities are for your teams to strengthen your foundations. For up to 100 participants (15 teams), we offer the following foundations series virtually and in-person.

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Foundations for Innovation

The sooner you build, the better your team will be. Have fun!

1. Create a Practice Plan

Develop an operational strategy that integrates pivotal team practices into your day to day workflow.


2. Develop a Purpose Statement


Create a vision statement that connects each team member with a motivating purpose


3. Design Team Agreements

Build operating agreement that fosters personal empowerment and team cohesion.

4. Enable Meeting Magic

Discuss and apply the foundations of great meeting management and design principles.


5. Establish Feedback Systems


Discuss and apply the power of open group feedback and integrate feedback strategies that empower everyone.

6. Ensure Role Clarity


Develop mutual understanding and accountability systems that foster recognition, fairness and great work.

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