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Unlock innovation. Improve collaboration. 

Empower managers and their teams to create their own learning journey.

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It's one thing to collect feedback and another to act on it. Mosaicli's agile approach helped our organization measure and improve key metrics related to belonging in ways almost everyone would agree improved how we work together.

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Uniquely adaptive while effectively helping teams alleviate tensions that arise between team building vs. "getting work done."


The only solution I've seen that enables personalized team building at scale. Throughout the process, I realized the connection between team building and doing something creative—creativity is a shared language, accessible by all.

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Revolutionize Team Growth

How it works

Personalized team building and learning that strengthens bonds, builds trust and instills the systems and structures that underpin performance

Operationalize Your Culture and Values.

An agile Team Growth solution that fosters innovation and improves employee wellbeing

Mandated team building and training can waste finite time and resources. That's why we customize Team Growth ToolKits—to empower your managers and teams to personalize their own activity plan. HOW IT WORKS People leaders, managers and team members are guided through a two-part workflow that enables you to 1) track KPIs and 2) deliver a sequenced activity plan personalized for each team. Research driven, activity plans enable teams to build trust, practice pivotal skills and improve foundational systems and structures that are proven to foster belonging, increase retention and unlock innovation across organizations. With a Team Growth subscription, team's can create and complete as many activity plans as they'd like and at the pace that's right for them. In the end, people leaders can rest knowing that key measurables and outcomes are consistent across every team and, with measured results, organizational leaders and execs are confident that you are implementing the right team structures to improve organizational effectiveness.


Ship a Branded, Premium Experience

Sustainably designed, a physical ToolKit accompanies every team member along their Team Growth journey

After careful design and craftsmanship, Mosaicli wraps a pretty package, drops it in the mail, and every team member receives a physical ToolKit. Their ToolKit containes a link to their "Team Adventure Guide—a sequenced activity plan based on inputs from managers, team members and key organizational leaders. Mosaicli Team Growth ToolKits enable a fun, interactive and reflective learning journey that uses creativity to foster inclusive engagement and enhance key learning outcomes.


Connect all teams as one team

Add a Mosaic Event Activation to align all teams, no matter how different, with a bigger picture purpose and vision.

While Team Growth ToolKits enable personalized, adaptive and agile learning for all teams, Mosaic event activations effectively break down siloes and help teams, departments and regions internalize the reality that they are all working together toward the same, meaningful, purpose and vision. Larger organizations can deliver a combination of "rolling" activations that happen weekly, monthly or quarterly. This option as great if you want to kick-off every team's ToolKit adventure with a collective start or if you want to build a special program for interns or new hires as they integrate more fully into your organization with a greater sense of purpose, community and connection.


Amplify team impact

Empower managers and employees to personalize their growth journey.
Speak with our solutions team to learn about enterprise programs and packages.

Online Workshop

Facilitated training

Up to 100 participants. As low as $20/person

Enable managers to hire a Mosaicli guide to guide any team building or training session along every team's journey. 

We match every client with a dedicated team of trainers and facilitators who will design your learning journey and be available to lead facilitated sessions on a one-off or ongoing cohort basis. No retainers or hidden agendas. Just effective leaders ready for hire to help your teams do their best work. No matter the size or complexity of your L&D challenge, we have the tools and expertise to help our partners instill the systems, structures and skills that foster innovation and a "one team" ethos across all teams.

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Cohort Learning

As low as $15/person/session

Turn Learning Journey activities into a facilitated series that builds community within and across teams.

Ask about cohorts nor new hires/interns


Agile team building

Ongoing Learning Journeys are free

After completing their first learning journey, teams complete a workflow and receive "Chapter 2" of their ongoing team journey.

Data on a Touch Pad

Metrics & reporting

Customize employee inputs and feedback to enable measurement and enable personalized team Learning Journey design

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