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The first event of the series is free. Register by July 7th for 50% off the full series.
Spaces are limited and reserved for internal organizational leaders.

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4 Part Series Overview

Unlocking Innovation: Operationalize Your Culture and Values

Ever wonder if every team is doing things a little too differently? Like maybe there’s no “essence”—a cultural core that instills pride, establishes a “one team” ethos across ALL teams, and supports everyone to show up 100% for their work and for each other?

Like many leaders, you might be feeling pressure. Fewer resources are available for pivotal people programs, team builds only go surface deep, and one-off efforts are a waste of your organization's investment in team building and L&D.

This “no fluff” series is interactive, experiential and actionable. You can expect to strengthen bonds with a community of peers while devising creative solutions to shared challenges.

By the end of the series you will walk away with the following takeaways:

  • A feedback framework managers can easily implement to build trust and open communication across their teams

  • A practical (and free) approach to operationalizing your organization's culture and values

  • Four practices that can foster connection and strengthen bonds across all teams

  • Three facilitation techniques managers MUST enact to improve innovation, performance and belonging

  • A strategic plan to socialize, win buy-in on all levels and scale your culture building or team growth solution.


Don’t wait! Spaces are limited and the first session of the four part series is free. Register by July 7th to get 50% off the entire series ($50 savings).

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