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The abridged survey you're about to complete is part of our "recognition learning lab"—a workshop series for teams and managers to strengthen bonds and apply team leadership practices that build the backbone of values-aligned, impact-oriented, recognition programs. If you are one of  10 who wins, we'll send you a special reward based on your survey responses.

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Drinking Wine
Street Art

Mosaicli Rewards

Check out gift categories from our marketplace that makes it easy for leaders to honor their people and foster high performing team dynamics


Locally Crafted Gifts

Deliver a custom reward for 1 recipient or a team of 100


Artist Prints

Gift a print from a local artist who speaks to recipients' values


Meaningful Experiences

Deliver a family-friendly experience that will be remembered


Food & Culture

Gift a culinary experience that connects families with culture 



Gift an experience that brings families and teams closer


Community Impact

Deliver rewards that foster connection with your local communities


Deliver rewards
with purpose

It's not only the rewards that matter, it's the quality of relationships that backs it up. We partner with impact-driven leaders to weave recognition practices into the fabric of your culture so that when gift-giving happens, it saves money and furthers the outcomes that matter most. With rewards based on experiences, art and culture, we customize programs that are KPI connected, easy to deliver, and foster change in your communities.

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