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Creative workshops and leadership training

Build a flourishing workplace community

"Mosaicli sets a high bar doing well to balance tactical training and team building. They've made fans of our most reliable skeptics."

Build effective teams

Creativity and community are proven catalysts of learning, engagement and employee wellbeing. Our workshops leverage this truth to build effective teams.


Cultural challenges


Stress, fatigue & social disconnection


Misunderstanding & poor communication


Team siloes




Effective leaders


Social, emotional & creative confidence


Curiosity, communication & influence


Narrative framing, mindset & shared imagining


Collaborative problem solving & facilitation


Attributes of flourishing teams


Trust & belonging


Expression & resilience


Energy, agency & power


Purpose & meaning

Signature workshop

Any group, any size, any distance—the most effective way to build community

Executives and teams love this workshop. Combining collaborative art, music and skill-building, this 2 hour workshop fosters inclusive leadership and builds a sense of community and connection unlike anything else. It's great to kick off leadership gatherings, conferences and team off-sites.

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Workshops & team building experiences

Custom program option

Flourish weekly

Improve employee wellbeing by offering weekly 30 minute sessions that build community and cultivate creative resilience practices. During each session, participants will reflect on a key leadership topic, use their creativity kit to design one of twelve mosaic tiles and bond in small groups.

Overall Goals:​

  • Improve wellbeing

  • Build community

  • Foster personal resilience

Program Features

🖌 Complete customization of workshop curriculum, The Mosaic and New Hire Creativity Kits. 🎨 Branded creativity kits available onsite or shipped to WFH locations 💫 Facilitated live (onsite or remote) community activation workshops 🚀 Weekly wellness and impact cohort meetings (remote or onsite) that foster belonging and accelerate team integration

Custom leadership workshops

Executive enablement

Full Day offsite

The best way to open communication, clarify key objectives and align high performing teams.

Leave program design and offsite logistics to us and deliver one of the most creative, connective and effective planning meetings you've experienced.

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2 hour workshops

Community activation


Connect executives with a facilitated experience that develops inclusive leaders and demonstrates the value of community.

coaching culture


Show executives how to engage, empower, and improve performance through coaching, facilitative listening and effective feedback.

Inclusive leadership

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Teach advanced facilitation techniques that mitigate bias, foster collaboration and draw out the best in everyone.

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