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Our Vision

A kind, loving and compassionate world where no one feels alone and both people and nature flourish together.

In service of this vision, we develop extraordinary teams, effective leaders and enduring community partnerships wherever people work.

Since 2020 the sense of community people feel at work decreased by 37% and people are feeling more anxious, divided and lonely than ever before.

Our leadership off-sites, workshops and tools turn the tide—fostering more human, empowered, and cohesive team environments that enhance engagement, improve retention and make workplaces work better for all.


creativity catalyzes learning

Like the Mosaic pictured here, all of our programs use creative modalities to foster engaging learning environments that foster community, resilience and wellbeing wherever teams gather.

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"Investment in leadership yields a average ROI of $7 to every $1. To go beyond average we do things different  With creativity, we break paradigms and bring new energy to teams. Over 95% of our workshop participants say they feel a level of community and support they hadn't before. While creativity differentiates our approach, community sustains impact. I'm proud of the work we get to do with clients like you to bring break siloes and create more human, unified workplaces.

Joaquin Capdevielle
Founder, Creative Director


As head of DEI and organizational change strategist at companies like Meta, Under Armour and Intel, I had reached my career pinnacle. With support all around I felt alone. Something was missing. An an executive coach and senior facilitator at Mosaicli I'm passionate about to helping leaders flourish without sacrificing their wellbeing.

Regina Lawless
Senior Facilitator, Executive Coach

Our mission & Goals

How do we build leadership capacity, humanize workplaces, and inspire people to see, feel and act differently to collectively improve their organizations and communities?

Four strategic areas advance our purpose, mission and vision:

1. Purpose

Foster shared imagination that inspires people, leaders and teams to contribute their diverse strengths

We foster empathy and understanding through creativity and story-sharing while developing inclusive leadership capacity.


2. wellbeing

Foster personal and community resilience practices that support people and teams to be more human

We build interpersonal support networks and weave mindfulness, expressive arts and nature connection practices within the fabric of organizations

Mosaicli Media-29_edited.png

3. Engagement

Build leader-full cultures where everyone has power to influence positive organizational outcomes

We help to remove barriers to contribution, increase autonomy and create feedback-full workplaces to improve retention, team effectiveness and engagement.

OA Mosaic.jpeg

4. social change

Connect leaders with meaningful opportunities to contribute to and improve their local communities

We bridge the gap between organizational effectiveness and social change by enabling your teams to contribute to a just and equitable society. We weave "give back" opportunities into our programs and create opportunities for your teams to authentically connect with new people, places and cultures.

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