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If you are already doing great work in your company, value a holistic approach to organizational change, and are curious how interactive programming, Mosaicli Murals and Augmented Reality (AR) might integrate with your culture-building initiatives, we’re thrilled to meet you.

Who We Are

Mosaicli is a consultancy that helps build brands that inspire the next generation of engaged employees and committed customers.

As a human-centered consulting agency driven by the power of belonging, we help leading brands harness diversity to transform their workplaces, achieve transformational business goals, and connect employees and customers with the mission, vision, and values that matter most.


Strategically aligned to propel your business goals, we help leaders build employee ecosystems, often called Business Resource Groups (BRGs) or Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), that engage and elicit diverse contributions. Our BRG Impact Series connects members across organizations to build collective and personal power to strategically increase organizational effectiveness. 

Equity, Agency & Ownership

We believe that diverse teams, when given agency and ownership, are better able to build brands that inspire employees and customers cross-culturally.


Our Diversity Partners staffing agency is driven by an employee-owned profit-sharing model and, as an affiliate of Socially Creative LLC, Mosaicli is employee owned, people powered, and unified in service of and the struggle for a quality of life that inspires all.

What We Do

These are our 4 core strategic approaches that help build inspirational brands.

Deepen your inclusive values and integrate cross-cultural engagement strategies that build belonging.

Diversity Program

Interactive Events

Interactive conferences, trainings, off-sites, team-building activities, and workshops that use creativity to engage teams cross-culturally.

ERG Impact Networks

Connects your members with a learning community of leading brands to strategically increase organizational effectiveness.

Values alignment & branding.

Inspire customers and/or employees with meaningful engagement opportunities that instill your mission, vision, and values.

Andrea Weaver

ERG Specialist &

Managing Consultant

Christine Trowbridge

Program Strategy & Design

Anthony Jackson

Program Facilitator

Jeremy Capdevielle

Founder & Creative Director

Marisa Villarreal

Project Manager