We help teams create big collaborative murals both virtually and in person. While bonding employees through an innovative design process, we develop leaders, help teams communicate cross culturally, and get everyone inspired by the bigger company vision.

I’m not a visual artist (I’m more of a writer) but as an inclusive leader, I see the power of Mosaicli Murals to connect everyone more deeply no matter language, background, or artistic experience.

I believe everyone has a place in the bigger picture and, as leaders, we need to help people see how they fit. When we give teams the opportunity to see (visually) that big collaborative outcomes are possible because of everyone’s unique contributions, magic happens.

                                                     Jeremy Capdevielle

                                                     Founder & CEO

Mosaicli (adv.) In a Mosaicli way. Teams collaborating with care, courage, and the belief that, when we create space for everyone to make their unique contribution, extraordinary outcomes are possible.

Mosaicli is an LLC specialized in organizational change and leadership development. We help innovative companies realize their biggest, realist, dreams. We plan to operationalize our purpose driven mission as a Public Benefit Corporation and become fully employee owned and operated by 2025. 

Anthony Jackson

Lead facilitator

Christine Trowbridge

Public program coordinator

Jeremy Capdevielle

Creative Director & CEO