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An experience like no other, Activations enable you to...


Mosaic Event Activations can be self guided with virtual or onsite thematic prompts, or led live by a Mosaicli facilitator during an interactive 30, 60 or 90 minute team building experience. A plug-and-play approach enables complete customization of an inclusive engagement strategy that fosters meaningful connection, breaks down organizational siloes and drives your unique event objectives for occasions like executive team off-sites, hybrid retreats, team celebrations, and any other occasion intent on connecting everyone with one bigger picture.

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Bring Magic to Your Teams

Strengthen bonds

Activations effectively build trust, break down silos and improve communication.

Improve wellbeing

No artistic skills required, Activations enable a unique opportunity for personal expression, reflection and play.

Unlock hybrid possibilities

With global shipping capabilities, customize a uniquely hybrid experience.

Activate any size event

Completely customizable, Mosaics enable teams of any size, across any distance, to build one big Mosaic.

Enhance creativity

Inspire collaborative problem solving through an experience that reflects everyone's unique contribution to the bigger picture.

Instill a one team mindset across your organization

Remote first, in person or hybrid, unify your teams with purpose, vision and values

Organizations like eBay trust Mosaicli to deliver meaningful event experiences that drive learning, engagement and change. In support of its acquisition, eBay hired Mosaicli to honor TCG Player's incredible culture and achievements.

With a 3-week turnaround, we customized and built a 12 foot by 8 ft Mosaic, shipped creativity kits to 150 remote employees (20 overseas), and set-up a Mosaic Activation, self guided with thematic and interactive prompts, for 450 onsite employees to engage. During event day, Mosaicli facilitated a live event for remote employees while teams, onsite, engaged during specific time blocks. Using a pre-addressed envelope, remote employees sent their completed tiles to central HQ to be added to the bigger picture.

Unify Teams Globally

Employ an inclusive approach that connects with teams across geography, background and experiences. This is how a visionary leader aligned a global team of 900 with their companies purpose, mission and values.

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See an Activation


Unlock Innovation

Foster the connections that advance your organization

Design Your Experience

Two energizing design meetings is all it takes to design your program. With optional add-ons like live facilitation, increased Mosaic size, and premium ToolKits, every activation comes standard with the following features.

Engaging Media

Leverage compelling media and (and swag) to increase Activation attendance

Customized Swag

Every participant receives a custom creativity kit branded with your core message

"One Team" Mosaic

Customize a Mosaic, any size and scale, that advances your event goals

Mosaic Tiles

Enable everyone, in-person or remote, to contribute to one bigger picture Mosaic

Connect hearts and minds

Schedule time with our team to design your event activation today

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