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Develop leaders and grow teams that shape the future

The "great reset" involves a commitment to ongoing practices and actions. How can you activate your values and get everyone inspired to carry your culture forward every day? That's our bread and butter.

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Develop Leaders


Mosaicli Leader Labs

Invite managers, leaders and teams to enact core skills and team practices that drive organizations forward. Our programs are:

Research driven
Arts integrated (inclusive)
Timely and workflow integrated
Onsite and virtual
Fun and interactive

Grow your culture

Disperate team-building activities can waste valuable resources whereas an integrated strategy that weaves values-based training, tools and practices into the fabric of your organization can turn the tides of isolation, under-recognition and resignation.

Defined as ones that fosters employee well-being and delivers effectively on a meaningful mission, we help leaders develop great company cultures that foster connection, recognition and purpose at every step along the employee experience for increased retention, engagement and performance.

Inspire Ongoing Action

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Cohort Connection & Learning

Monthly virtual gatherings that engage creativity to build community, foster employee well-being, and instill practices that underly great company cultures.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Resilience & mental health practices

  • Personal goal setting and advancement

  • Team leadership skills and frameworks

  • Increased social connection (belonging)

  • Deepened connection with purpose and values

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Team leadership and management

Combine on-going connection sessions with team leadership and management training to instill the practices, processes and experiences that align and unify teams.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Foundational systems of high performing teams

  • Feedback practices for continuous learning

  • Weekly team-building practices

  • Manager "pods" for learning and support

Drive Key Outcomes

The following focus areas drive the KPIs that matter most


Operationalize your values and align your words with your actions


Create an environment where everyone feels valued for their contributions


Build team cultures that thrive through difficult conversations


Foster a supportive environment that shows care and values joy

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