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Team Foundations 1—Create a Practice Plan

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Time needed: 120 minutes


Practice prepares us to show up to challenges with increased capacity for success. Your Mosaicli Leader Lab experience was designed, in part, to demonstrate how practices can be effectively enacted in a relatively short time. This activity will give your teams an opportunity to reflect on its purpose and enable you to create a plan that integrates pivotal practices into your teams workflow.

Meeting Goal:

Create a plan that integrates 12 pivotal practices into our team's workflow


  • Check-In: Stories of practice (8 min)

  • Team Reflection (15 minutes)

  • Imagination: Your bigger team vision (20 minutes)

  • Application: How can we integrate practices into our day to day operations? (30 minutes)

  • Reflection: What are we taking away from this activity?

  • Closing


  • Create a worksheet with 3 columns titled: Why practice matters, barriers to practice and things that support consistent practice

  • Worksheet: Purpose


Part 1: Purpose & Practice

Check-in (8 minutes)

After sharing the agenda and overall meeting goal, instruct team members to share (as a group or in pairs):

  • When did you practice something until you got really good at it?

    • Why was it important to you?

    • What challenges did you have to overcome?

    • How did it shape you?

Team Reflection (15 minutes)

Elicit a few response to the following question: How has practice made a difference in your life? Next, ask who wants to share about their relationship with practice and consistency. Have someone on your team take notes as you transition to a brainstorm focused on the following questions:

  • Why practice? How has is mattered to you?

  • What are barriers to practice?

  • What supports you to maintain practices?

Imagination—Our bigger team vision (25 minutes)

Without purpose we lose motivation to maintain our practices. Every team has their own way of envisioning their purpose and place within their organization and in the world. If you have a clear team purpose and vision you'll need less time for this section (though it's still important).

Mosaicli has a Leader Lab devoted to helping team's develop the layers of their motivating purpose. For this activity you can do a team collage, purchase a Mosaicli Vision-Board Mosaic for your team, or use any other creative approach to develop a team vision everyone can be proud of.

The following questions are ones you can use to help inspire your imagination and explore the greater story of your team.

  • What are the biggest dreams or aspirations you have for you team?

  • Overcoming all obstacles along the way, what's possible?

  • How does who we are as a team impact our families and communities?

  • What's our team's role in shaping our organization's success?

  • What's our gold, the greatest gifts we bring as a team, that the organization depends on (whether they see it out not)?

Break (10 min)

Part 2: Integrating Practices

The practices outlined in the Leader Lab Play Book are pivotal because they are proven to improve employee well-being, foster innovation and support broader organizational change efforts. That said, cultures around the world have embodied traditions and practices that support community health and well-being for centuries and science continues to catch up—our stories and experiences contain all the keys for what our team's need to succeed (in fulfilling our bigger vision).

Leader Lab Reflection (10 minutes)

Have an open discussion with your team and reflect:

  • What was particularly powerful about the Mosaicli Leader Lab?

  • What from that experience can you apply to your teams?

Consider your pivotal practices (15 minutes)

Take 2 minutes to fill out the worksheet, "How's Your Practice."

Next, underline 2 practices your team does well and circle 2 practices you want to see strengthened.

Then, with a partner, discuss the practices you circled and underlined.

  • Why are the practices you circled so important to strengthen?

  • What could be the consequences if they aren't strengthened?

For each of the practices you and your partner circled, come up with a plan of action:

  • How can each practice be enacted on your teams?

  • Where and when? (During a particular meeting? Offline? On a comms channel?)

  • By whom? (A team member? an instructional video? A list of prompts?)

Share-out with your team (10 minutes)

Give each pair 2-3 minutes to share-out:

  • What practices did you highlight?

  • Why are they important?

  • How can each be integrated into your team's day to day operations

Create your practice plan (15 minutes)

As a team, create a plan so that each of the 12 practices are enacted as a team at least once a week.

  • Create a document that outlines who, what, when, where and why for each practice

  • If applicable, add your practice plan to your team agreements

Share feedback (3 minutes)

  • What went well about this process and what could be improved?

Close with appreciation (2 minutes)

  • Make sure everyone receives at least one appreciation or acknowledgement before the meeting ends.

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