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Your conference has begun and it's up to you to elevate the magic. Start your adventure, complete challenges during the conference, and win prizes. This is all about enhancing community, connection, learning and fun. Being shy is ok. Let the activities guide your way. You never know who will be moved by your willingness to try and to play. Here's how the reward system works: 1) The person with the most points will get the first choice at a prize. If it's a tie, the person who achieve their points first, wins. 2) Every 100 points is worth 1 raffle ticket. If you get 1,000 points, you'll get 10 tickets. Three winners will be chosen and you can only win once. 3) There is one challenge that, if you complete, will make you eligible to win a custom Mosaic. If you are the only one who completes that challenge, you win! Goo luck and have fun!



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